• Sustainable Story

    Our recycled material comes from strawberry fields...

Encore Enables A Continuous Loop of Sustainable Plastic Supply

Some of the largest multi-national and recognizable names such as, Red Blossom Strawberries, Dole, Gold Farms, Ramco, as well as many independent growers, are working with RestaurantBags.com's Encore Recycling center to ensure that the plastic used to protect our crops are collected and recycled.

RestaurantBags.com and Encore Recycling are subsidiaries of US-based, Command Packaging - together we are diverting over 100 million pounds of this recycled farming plastic to make sustainable grocery bags, retail shopping bags and restaurant bags. The carryout bags are fully recyclable - essentially creating a continuous loop of sustainable plastic supply that need not ever see a landfill.

Reduce Your Environmental Impact - By choosing made in USA, RestaurantBags.com, instead of paper shopping bags on a typical 12,000 take out bag order, you save*:

Environmental Plastic bags Saves Trees
Environmental Plastic bags Saves Water
Environmental Plastic bags Saves Carbon Emmissions
Environmental Plastic bags Saves Enough Energy to Supply 11 Homes

Environmental Plastic bags Reduce Waste

*References: Environmental Defense Fund Paper Calculator www.papercalculator.org, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering & Manufacturing Technology (CSUC) - EPR audit
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. American Chemistry Council (ACC) - comparison based on industry averages of retail paper shopping bags (30% recycled content of 12 x 7 x 17") and RestaurantBags plastic 16" - 20" bags

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Restaurant Bags.com is uniquely positioned to offer recycled carry out bags made in the U.S.A. from your plastic trash. Our Official recycling operation ensures that carryout bags are 100% recyclable, with the highest recycled content available in the market.

Carry Out Bags Contains PCR* Recyclable Reusable EPA/EPR** Water Based Inks Source Reduction
Imported Bags
Cardboard Bottom Bags
Paper Bags

*PCR - Post consumer recycled material
**EPA: U.S. manufacturer is a Waste Wise Parnter: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
EPR: Environmentally Preferred Rating - www.epraccredited.org

Restaurant bags bearing the Encore® trade name have been produced in the USA with the three environmental "Rs": REDUCE, RECYCLE, & REUSE in mind. Made locally from non-toxic farming plastic. The following Encore features will help you save on your cost and the environment:


    Restaurant bags.com ensures that the highest recycled content is added to our bags, ranging from a minimum of 25% to 100% (PCR and PIR) recycled materials based on market availability. Contact us for higher recycled material content guarantees.


    Turn any of our popular restaurant styles into a reusable bag solution. Majority of the cities with bag ban ordinances require a minimum of 2.25 mil gauge (thickness) to meet the reusable bag requirements. Contact our sales representatives for more information.


    FDA approvals on restaurant bags for direct food contact can be provided through our "ASI" certified U.S. factory with a "Superior" rating for factory cleanliness.