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New Encore Recycling Plant Aims to Reduce Waste With Help from AG Industry

A new facility for recycling plastic used in the agricultural industry is set to open later this year in Salinas. The Encore Recycling facility will take plastic used by the agricultural industry and turn it into reusable bags for use in grocery stores.

Command Packaging (parent company of has invested $8 million in the new Encore Recycling facility that is set to open this October in Salinas, California. Located in one of California's major agricultural regions, the plant will take plastic used by California's growers and recycle the material to make reusable plastic grocery bags. Command Packaging's ( CEO, Pete Grande, said the plant will be a big step forward in creating a closed loop system that significantly reduces waste. Click here to read the rest of the article at

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The facility will be able to take up to 100 million pounds of plastic a year, plastic which growers are happy to get rid of, and turn it into reusable bags,'' said Grande.

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