Made in USA Popularity

Made in the USA Products Continue to Gain Popularity

by Julieun Kawasaki (Command Packaging parent company of

Recent consumer survey results indicate that 4 out of 5 consumers notice "Made in the USA" claims on packaging. More importantly, 76% of those shoppers stated that they are more likely to purchase a product or service after noticing the "made in the USA" claim. Helping the economy and higher confidence levels associated with product quality and safety are the two main reasons given for preferring to buy products that are made in America.

Made in the USA products

4 out of 5 consumers notice "Made in the USA" claims on packaging. 76% more likely to make a purchase after noticing the "made in the USA" claim.

In contrast, 57% of the PRS survey respondents viewed the Made in China label negatively, stating that they are less likely to purchase products with the "Made in China" label because of their lack of confidence in the product's quality and safety. ~ reported by Perception Research Services International (PRS) Consumer Survey (July 2012).

Of the 3,000 purchasing agents and decision makers surveyed,

90% stated a preference to buy USA made goods and products.

The nationwide recalls of Chinese-manufactured reusable bags, totes, and toys that contain lead and other toxic and banned substances have worsened the reputation of "Made in China" products.

According to, marketers spent tens of millions of dollars to run "made in the USA" work themes in commercials, during and after the Super Bowl earlier this year. In the midst of the election year, fueled by the financial downfall of 2008, Made in the USA trend will be a leading brand message, especially with government proposals for incentives to encourage the location or relocation of factories in the US. As a result, more marketers are encouraged to buy and promote Made in the USA products, packages, and solutions.

Purchasing agents across the nation are searching to find US sources. In a survey of more than 3,000 purchasing agents and decision makers, Restaurant found that 90% stated a preference to buy USA made goods and products.The biggest challenge in finding US sourcing was meeting their budgetary requirements.

Restaurant has invested millions into the US economy by building state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the United States and employing high waged US workers. Restaurant has also recently created an additional 100 new green jobs to support their expanded Encore Recycling Center.

According to Restaurant and Encore Recycling CEO, Pete Grande, "We’ve positioned our companies to offer our customers the best of both worlds. Not only can they support the US economy by buying bags made in America, they can also help the environment by supporting a closed loop recycling system. In 2012 more than 25% of our bags will be manufactured from recycled materials. When total cost of doing business is taken into account, including lead time, transportation, supply chain risks and other operational costs, buyers seeking to support the US economy and reduce the impact on the environment now have a domestic and cost-effective alternative to importing."

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